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Friday, January 18, 2013

That's what you call a sign of dedication! Lady Gaga autographs an eager fan's breasts


Hold still: Lady Gaga signs a female fan's breasts

After being teased for gaining a few pounds, Lady Gaga launched a campaign to make people more accepting of their bodies - flaws and all.
And after seeing a photo of the Born This Way singer signing a fan's breasts, it seems she is practising what she preaches.
Gaga, 26, can be seen crouching down and carefully writing her name across the excited fan's decolletage using a marker pen.

Thrilling a fan: Lady GaGa invited a young fan on stage with her in Portland

Her face is deadpan as she concentrates on the task in hand, carefully writing 'Ga' above each nipple.
The unnamed fan looks thrilled, and puckers up for the camera, staring straight ahead at the lens.
She holds a handful of pink and white braids in one hand, and the top of her tight corset-style top in the other, allowing Gaga access to her fleshy canvas.

Help on the move: The Born Brave Bus is a new feature of GaGa's tour

For a change, Gaga is covered up, wearing a silky Versace-style printed bomber jacket that matches the soft pink tone of her hair perfectly.
Gaga started her Body Revolution project after unflattering photos of herself performing in fishnet tights found their way online.
In an attempt to salvage some good from the furor that stemmed from the snaps she decided to use it as an empowering event.

Popular: Fans wait to get on to the Born Brave bus, where Lady GaGa has been helping teens with issues

As part of the tour, she has been travelling in a special bus where fans can come before the show and get help with any problems they might be struggling with.
Gaga tweeted: 'Hundreds of people came to the #BornBraveBus yesterday, so much great work done already. So proud of monsters for showing up, that is brave.'

source: dailymail

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