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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Talk about bizarre baby names! Adele calls her new son 'Little Peanut' as she refuses to reveal his real name


'Little Peanut': Adele reveals her new son's nickname, but stays tight-lipped about his real name

She recently said that she wasn't ready to reveal the name of her baby son.
But if his nickname's anything to go by, Adele's newborn could be joining the ranks of bizarre celebrity baby names.
The award-winning star, who gave birth in October last year, has admitted that she has given her young son the affectionate nickname, 'Little Peanut'.

Overjoyed: The singer picked up the Golden Globe for Best Original Song in a Film, after admitting that her husband convinced her to do it

Speaking at the Golden Globes last week, the 24-year old admitted that she still didn't want the world to know the name of her first born.
'It's too personal and intimate,' she said on the red carpet. 'I'm not ready,' she added.

Still in LA: The British star is spending awards season in Hollywood ahead of The Oscars

But the British-born star did feel forthcoming enough to tell People magazine the nickname that she's given the little man: 'I just call him Little Peanut,' she quipped.
The star is still in Los Angeles following her win at the major award ceremony and is expected to stay until the Oscars where she's nominated in the category of Best Song for James Bond theme Skyfall.

Juggling commitments: The star is planning to attend The Oscars after her Golden Globes win, in between looking after her three-month-old son

She's been spotted out and about in Hollywood with her little one wrapped in a tight bundle, clearly preoccupied with keeping his identity as private as possible.
Although she's still coming to terms with the first few months of motherhood, the star has had to be in full-on red carpet mode since her ballad picked up so many nominations.
When asked how motherhood had changed her at a Golden Globes press conference, chart-topping singer answered:
'I am exhausted, that's how it's changed me. That and eczema from boiling bottles.'

source: dailymail

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