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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Smoke without fire? Justin Bieber pictured 'smoking suspicious cigarette' days after tragic photographer's marijuana claims


Cause for controversy: Justin Bieber was photographed holding a cigarette during a party in Newport Beach, California on January 2

Sensational claims about Justin Bieber smoking marijuana on the day a paparazzo was killed attempting to photograph the star have resurfaced after pictures of the singer emerged smoking at a party.
The 18-year-old heartthrob is seen holding what TMZ suggests is a roll-up as he chats with friends inside a hotel room in Newport Beach, California.
According to the website, the pictures were taken on January 2 - the day after 29-year-old Chris Guerra was hit by an oncoming vehicle in Los Angeles after taking pictures of singer's white Ferrari.

A fit of the giggles: Justin seemed to find something extremely funny as he laughed with friends

According to TMZ, Guerra claimed just hours before he died that he saw the pop star smoking cannabis through a pipe in the vehicle. Bieber was not behind the wheel at the time he was killed.
The singer's friend, 19-year-old rapper Lil Twist, was reportedly driving Bieber's $200,000 Ferrari and was stopped by police when Guerra rushed to the scene and was told by authorities to step back.
Sources at the Newport Beach party told the website Twist was also there.
Bieber seems little worried about the previous night's tragic events, and was laughing heartily as he held the cigarette while his peers drank beer.

Mystery friend: Justin was snapped sitting next to a woman and later a girl is said to have slept in his room

The insiders claim Lil Twist and his brother were rolling all cigarettes and passing them around, resulting in 'a lot of pot smoke'.
It is also alleged no one seemed to mind the photographs being taken, despite security being present.
Bieber apparently complained about how tired he was because he'd been staying up late recently, and went on to ask about how he could find some late night fast food.
Controversy is surrounding the star as of late, with fresh claims Bieber has again split from longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez. Reports suggest a mystery girl slept in the hotel room the evening the photographs were taken, though it is unclear if anything untoward happened.
Freelance photographer Guerra was tailing Bieber’s white 458 Italia Ferrari when it was pulled over by California Highway Patrol officers in Los Angeles.

Killed: Photographer Chris Guerra was struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle while trying to get a scoop about the singer after his Ferrari was pulled over in Los Angeles

source: dailymail

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