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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Showing off her dirty dancing! Heidi Montag gives her husband Spencer a lap dance in tiny pink skirt on Celebrity Big Brother


Putting on a show: Heidi Montag was seen giving her husband Spencer Pratt a lap dance on Friday night

They were celebrating not being kicked out of the Big Brother house and it seems that Heidi Montag wanted to show off her naughty side.
The 26-year-old reality star was seen showing off her best bump and grind moves while giving her husband what seemed to be a lap dance.
Heidi was dressed in a tiny pink sequin skirt and a plunging black top, which proved to be the perfect costume to gyrate up against Spencer in.

Dressed to thrill: Heidi was wearing a super short sequin skirt and a plunging black top

The couple, known as Speidi, were celebrating staying in the house shortly after Gillian Taylforth was evicted on Friday night.
Spencer was seen drinking from a beer admiring his wives moves as she performed in front of him.
He wasn't the only one who noticed Heidi's fancy footwork, Frank Dettori commented: 'She's got the moves'.

What a sight: The 26-year-old reality star was seen gyrating up against her husband, who looked rather pleased with himself

The blonde reality star was dancing along to and Britney Spears' track Scream and Shout and it wasn't just Heidi who was letting herself go.
Rylan Clark seemed so delighted with staying in the house he was seen dancing on top of the kitchen table.
On Friday night's show Heidi and Spencer were seen telling Big Brother that they really liked all their housemates but the couple later found themselves stitched up.

They're all at it: Rylan was seen dancing on the table while the other housemates partied away

Their frank answers, which they assumed would be safe from the housemates ears, left the housemates raging.
Rylan was absolutely fuming and had to go outside to calm down.

source: dailymail

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