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Monday, January 7, 2013

Showing Ice-T what he's missing: Coco proves she a natural as she makes her debut in Las Vegas burlesque show


Centre of attention: Coco Austin proved she was a natural as she took to the stage in Las Vegas for her burlesque show Peep Show in the season finale of Ice Loves Coco

She's known for her curvaceous frame which she flaunts at every opportunity.
And on the opening night of her burlesque show Peepshow in Las Vegas Coco Austin made sure all eyes were on her from the moment she took to the stage.
With her husband Ice-T unable to make the performance, the 33-year-old showed the rapper just what he was missing in the season finale of Ice Loves Coco.

The seductive shepherdess: Coco showed her husband Ice-T, who couldn't make the opening night, what he was missing

Making her debut on stage wrapped in a piece of white silk, Coco was lowered into the theatre upside down as she wore a very revealing ensemble.
Following Holly Madison's departure from the risque show, Coco takes on the on the role of Bo Peep in array of figure enhancing numbers as the shepherdess.
Wearing her hair down in loose curls as she seductively danced around the stage, the model appeared to have all the confidence in the world proving to be a natural under the spotlight.

On the move: Somehow Coco managed not to fall out of her plunging top

Taking a moment to herself: Coco looked clam as she sat backstage and waited for her next scene

Prior to her debut, Coco showed off her vulnerable side as her nerves got the better of her during rehearsals.
As she practiced her elaborate entrance, Austin looked extremely uncomfortable as she made her descent to the stage floor from the ceiling.
Once safely on the ground, Coco exhales and says: 'Oh my gosh I'm shaking. I need a drink man - I'm an alcoholic right now!'

The show must go on: Coco ended up giving a rearly impressive d├ębut performance despite missing Ice

source: dailymail

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