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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seeing a professional at work! Claudia Galanti's 20-month-old son watches and learns as his model mother takes part in steamy shoot


Mummy's working! Claudia poses up in a raunchy photoshoot in a black leather jacket

Model and embarrassing mother Claudia Galanti is at it again, this time by taking her toddler to her raunchy photoshoot.
Paraguayan model Claudia covered her ample chest with a leather jacket as she posed up at the shoot.
Claudia has not been separated from son 20-month-old Liam since his birth, which means her son is often keeping her company on shoots.

Bizarre: Claudia's shoot meant the model had to roll around in the sand in a black leather dress

The brunette was also seen wearing a bizarre sleeveless dress with fur truim as she posed up, rolling around on the beach.
He toned legs were on show in the dress while her hair hung loose over her bare shoulders.
Claudia has been seen on South Beach with beau Arnaud Mimran relaxing before the dressy shoot.

Mummy, what do you do for a living? The model was wearing an odd leather dress for the shoot in South Beach

With their frequent public displays of affection, rolling around on the beach in their swimwear, they make no effort to hide their mutual infatuation.
But for once the couple covered up as they joined Claudia's toddler son Liam, 20 months, on the beach in Miami.
Although it was a different story on Wednesday as the model put on her best pout and an array of of leather clothes.

Kiss for mummy! Liam puckers up as his model mum picks him up

He in turn wore a bizarre pair of leather shorts and a T-shirt, as he carried Liam along the beach.
While French mogul Arnaud is not Liam's biological father, he is the father of his younger sibling Tal Harlow.
But Claudia didn't keep covered up for long - stripping off her shirt to reveal her black bikini as she enjoyed a game of soccer with her boyfriend and son.
The businessman and enthusiastic poker player is part of the Mimran empire - one of the richest in France with an estimated fortune of €1.2 billion and interests in much of West Africa.

A kiss for you: Liam has a cuddle with his mother's boyfriend

source: dailymail

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