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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pete Doherty proves a hit with Charlotte Gainsbourg as he sees her fully naked body in Confessions Of A Child Of The Century


New trade: Pete Doherty plays a womanising playboy in new movie Confessions Of A Child Of The Century

He looks like he is in desperate need of a good bath, but Pete Doherty is somehow still a big hit with the ladies.
The scruffy singer is starring in a new movie where he gets to cuddle up to more than a few beautiful women, including a naked Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Pete, 33, is the leading man in a new French drama called Confessions Of A Child Of The Century.

The look of love: Pete's character looked rather bored by the sight of a naked woman

He stars in the film as a womanising playboy who falls passionately in love with a woman ten years older than him.
In one scene, Pete can be seen lying on a bed as his naked co-star shows off her body to him awaiting his approval.
His smooth 19th century character, Octave, is a well groomed gent who seduces many women and the movie is an adaptation of Alfred de Musset’s semi-fictionalised memoir La Confession d'un Enfant du Siecele.

Full frontal: The dandy gentleman played by Pete is called Octave, and he is well known for his womanising ways

Fan favourite: Pete made the transition from Libertines front-man to leading man on screen

And introducing: Anglo French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg added some professional spark to the movie as the love interest

While Doherty is best known for his battle with drink and drugs, his move from front man of The Libertines to the big screen has been panned.
The Telegraph wrote: 'Happily, Doherty’s performance is fit to rank alongside those of Sting, Phil Collins and Jon Bon Jovi in the annals of abysmal rock star acting.
'Tousled 21st-century haircut distractingly intact, he twitches, shuffles and croaks his way through every scene in a manner that put me in mind of a hungover crow.'

Hats off: The former singer is trying his hand rather unsuccessfully at acting in France

While The Guardian gave the movie one star out of five and said: 'Pete Doherty tries his absolute best, and in some ways isn't every bit as terrible as you might think.'
Thankfully his co-star in the film is accomplished Anglo French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg who helps save the flick from being a total disaster.
Charlotte, 41, who is the daughter of the late singer Serge Gainsbourg and activist Jane Birkin, plays the love interest Brigitte.

Top guy: While Doherty is best known for his battle with drink and drugs, his move from front man of The Libertines to the big screen has been panned

Octave is a libertine who falls into depression after his mistress betrays him.
Escaping to the countryside, he meets the elusive Brigitte, who he falls deeply in love with, but will his past ruin his chances of following his heart and believing in love?
Pete's track record with the opposite has been surprisingly good on and off the screen as he previously dated supermodel Kate Moss and singer Amy Winehouse.

Love lost: Even the best period costume cannot save Pete's woeful performance in the film

Despite his great past form he recently told The Sun newspaper that he was staying clear of females.
He said: 'It’s been three-and-a-half weeks since I’ve laid beside a woman in the biblical sense. It’s been good for my head.'

source: dailymail

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