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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Now this is an art attack! Newly unveiled Kate Middleton portrait is given a makeover as pranksters create alternative pictures


Some aspiring artists have lent a hand - and some Photoshop skills - to try to improve Kate Middleton's first official portrait which was unveiled yesterday to mixed reviews. The Duchess of Cambridge declared she was 'thrilled' with the work by Paul Emsley but others were not so impressed. Robin Simon, editor of the British Art Journal, described the painting as 'rotten'. One newly adapted portrait has been given a makeover with Mr Bean's face placed over the Duchess's , the botched fresco of Jesus' which became an internet sensation last year, and in another, the face of Vigorfrom Ghostbusters II is used to terrifying effect.

The newly-commissioned portrait of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, by artist Paul Emsley, has come under some fierce criticism

It's received a slew of withering criticism with art lovers branding it 'rotten', 'ghastly' and 'ordinary'.
And now some aspiring artists have lent a hand - and some Photoshop skills - to try and improve Kate Middleton's first official portrait - with mixed results.
While the Duchess of Cambridge is 'thrilled' with the results of her oil painting, praising it as 'amazing', some have been less than generous with their views.

Kate has been given a makeover with the handiwork of the Spanish grandmother who decided to 'restore' a 19th century fresco of Jesus

Some say the painting makes the pregnant 31-year-old look older than she is, while others claim the portrait by artist Paul Emsley makes her look more like she's grimacing than smiling.
'Ghastly ... rotten ... an out and out disaster,' was the view of the editor of the British Art Journal, Robin Simon.

That put a smile on her face! Mr Bean has been morphed on to the Duchess' portrait - and appears to be sporting a lovely shade of eyeshadow

'It’s only saving grace is that it’s not by Rolf Harris,' was the best that David Lee, now editor of The Jackdaw and a former editor of Art Review, could manage.
And renowned critic Brian Sewell described it as ‘sickening’, but the artist has won several prestigious awards including the 1997 BP Portrait Award.
Kate, on her first official outing for almost a month, was far more polite.

Sadly, the Twilight films have come to a close - but Kate's addition to the vampire story would certainly pull in fans

Their muse: The Duchess introduces her husband to artist Paul Emsley after viewing his portrait at the National Portrait Gallery

Real impact: The painting is much bigger than lifesize - which one art critic called a 'jolly brave' choice

source: more detail and pictures at dailymail

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