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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No one will be listening to your voice! Dita Von Teese makes her singing debut as she cavorts on a bed in her lingerie with two masked men for raunchy video


Making sweet music: Dita Von Teese makes her singing debut as she provides vocals for electro group Monarchy

She’s known for being the queen of burlesque and is more often than not seen in various states of undress.
So it comes as no surprise that Dita Von Teese appears in her underwear as she makes her singing debut performing with the band Monarchy.
As the model sings over the electro beats for their new single Disintegration she writhes around on a bed with two masked men.

Housewife: Dita plays a bored fifties housewife in the video who appears to be looking for more excitement in her life

The video begins with a sea of naked bodies lying entwined but when the camera pans out it becomes clear that the scene is what is going on inside Dita's mind.
It's soon apparent that the 41-year-old, who is playing a fifties housewife, is looking for a little more excitement in her life, perhaps of a sexual nature.
Scenes of the beautiful black-haired star in a kitchen with a picture perfect family are interspersed with a raunchy bedroom scene.

Bodies: In one scene lots of naked bodies are seen which is supposed to be the inside of her mind

Sitting on a bed dressed in a smart black dress, the dancer slowing unzips it to reveal beautiful lacy lingerie underneath which includes suspenders.
It’s the perfect opportunity for the immaculate looking star to show off her world-famous figure.
Soon two masked men who are sitting in front of her watching her take her dress off join her on the bed and begin to caress her.

Upset: The beautiful dancer shows off her acting skills as she pretends to cry as she sits on a bed with two masked men

While Dita’s incredible figure is clearly the talking point of the video, her vocals aren’t too bad- the star sings in a sultry manner over the top of the electro sounds.
Monarchy are an English electronic music duo consisting of Edward Nigma and Peter Uzzle.
Speaking about how the collaboration came about, Dita revealed:'Monarchy had told me they were writing a song for me, and I didn't really know what they meant, whether it was about me or for me to just enjoy or what...and when they told me it was for me to sing on, I said "uh, I don't really sing..."
'I had done a couple of recordings of me "talk-singing" Mae West/Marilyn Monroe style for my burlesque shows, but I felt like that was different because those songs together with the onstage visuals of my show, well, it's different than just listening to my voice, I think!

source: dailymail

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