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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

No need to make a scene! Helen Flanagan breaks down in tears at the airport after she misses her flight


In a rush: Helen Flanagan hurried along as she arrived at Manchester airport on Monday to catch a flight to Dublin

There are many ways to describe Helen Flanagan's persona and on Monday she fit perfectly under the title of 'Drama Queen'.
After missing her flight from Manchester airport to Dublin, Helen become hysterical as she sat on the floor in floods of tears.
The 22-year-old failed to keep it together in the terminal when she learned the next available plane would not be for another four hours and 15 minutes.

Too slow: Helen was pictured in tears after learning she had missed her flight

Blubbering Helen sat with her Louis Vuitton suitcase as her friend tried to console her. Despite her fragile state, the actress still managed to tweet about the event, she wrote: 'I missed my flight #shock'.
Flanagan was then seen rearranging items in her luggage as she managed to compose herself and wipe away her tears.

Quite the drama queen: The 22-year-old sat on the floor crying as she rearranges her suitcase

'I missed my flight #shock': Helen's poor time keeping caused filming for TV series Wagons Den, which she was supposed to take part in, was pushed back

Due to Helen's poor time keeping a recording for TV series Wagons Den, which she was due to take part in, had to be pushed back pending her delayed arrival.
However once on the plane, Flanagan was back to her cheery self and took to her Twitter account once more.
Uploading a picture of herself from her seat, she tweeted: 'Ready for take off'.

Regaining her composure: The actress soon cheered up but had to wait four hours and 15 minutes before she could be seated on another flight

'Ready for take off': Once on board her plane Helen posted a picture of herself as she put her ample cleavage on display

In a recent interview with FHM magazine, Helen revealed that she is hoping to return to school to continue her education.
She said: 'I want to get a degree. I never did A-levels the first time around so I'm gonna do my A-levels this year.
'I'm going to do History, Religious Studies and Philosophy.'

source: dailymail

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