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Friday, January 18, 2013

Lets get pumping! Remarkable behind-the-scenes pictures of bodybuilders capture bulging muscles and inspiring physiques


Tough customers: A trio of pumped up female bodybuilders await their turn to go on stage and show off their impressive physiques

One look at a series of photographs capturing hulking bodybuilders is enough to make an onlooker question the old adage that all people are essentially alike.
The remarkable images, taken over a period of several years by New York-based photographer Brian Finke put on display the best - and worst - of what human nature has to offer.
The pictures showcase men and masculine-looking women with oiled, over-tanned bodies with not an ounce of fat in sight at both professional and amateur bodybuilding contests across the country.

Final touches: A pair of ripped contestants get oiled up and ready for the big show

In Finke’s remarkable works, men and women wearing excessive makeup flash their bleached smiles and flex their inflated muscle spilling out of their miniature sparkly stage costumes that leave little to the imagination.
Finke had been allowed to go behind the scenes to photograph contestants squeezed into tiny, rhinestone-covered velvet bathing suits preparing behind the scenes, getting down to some last-minute iron pumping and practicing their muscle-accentuating poses.

Threesome: An oiled up bodybuilder is posing for a picture with two scantly clad competition attendants

The photographer told Slate that he was first exposed to this strange world of ripped physiques, washboard stomachs and colossal muscles when he was assigned to take pictures behind the scenes at the Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas for Men’s Journal in 2003.
For the next two years, Finke continued receiving assignments to cover bodybuilding competitions.
Finke said that what he learned photographing athletes at dozens of events is that people of all ages and from all walks of life get involved in bodybuilding, not just pumped up 20-year-olds.

Style: Men at the events invariably sport miniature, clingy swimsuits that leave little to the imagination

Gladiators: Glistening, uber-toned contestants get ready behind the scenes with a final touch of makeup

Sizing up opponents: For two years, Finke traveled to dozens of events both professional and amateur to capture the behind-the-scenes dynamic

source: dailymail

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