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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Katie Holmes named one of the sexiest women of the millennium by GQ... for shedding her clothes in movie 13 years ago


Still popular: Katie Holmes appearance in The Gift from 2000 remains one of her most popular roles, seeing her named one of the sexiest women of the millennium by GQ

Back when Katie Holmes filmed The Gift she was taking a break from her first big role playing Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek.
Thirteen years later things couldn't be more different for the actress, who in the decade since has wed and divorced Tom Cruise, become a mother, and lately put her film career on hold to pursue life as a Broadway star.
But it seems to a certain fanbase Katie will forever be known for that one brief role - in which she sheds her clothes for a revealing sex scene.
In fact so popular is the 2000 movie that it has been cited by GQ as its reason for naming Katie one of the sexiest women of the millennium.

What a difference: Today Katie is better known as a doting mother and Broadway actress

Katie is ranked amongst the magazine's top 60 women of the last 13 years, alongside stars such as Beyoncé, Mila Kunis, Marisa Tomei and Megan Fox.
It judges Katie's role as 'the hottest scene in a movie'.
Surprisingly her part in the movie is small - she is murdered early on.
The scene sees Katie rolling around with one of her many lovers, topless and wearing just her knickers.
It end's badly for Katie's promiscuous character, who is attacked and killed by her lover.

All grown up: Katie, now 34, appears at a Broadway opening last week

But her role made a big impression on her male fans.
Today Katie has put such roles behind her.
Following her divorce last year from Cruise, she took a role on Broadway in Dead Accounts, which closed earlier this month following poor ticket sales.
The single mother is based in New York where she can be seen walking her six-year-old Suri to school most days.

source: dailymail

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