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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's MAN Summers! Versace show sends male models down the catwalk in lace-trimmed fancy pants, sheer shorts and sexy knickers


Fancy pants: Gauzy lace-trimmed hotpants and cycling shorts were teamed with sheer shirts and silk jackets - hinting perhaps at an 'underwear as outerwear' trend on the way for men in 2013

As London's Men's Fashion Week drew to a close last week, Milan took up the mantle with its own menswear shows - the highlight of which to date was surely yesterday's Versace menswear collection.
Just as last week's London shows were a veritable gender-bending collection of man-skirts, make-up and floral suits, so the androgynous vibe continued apace in Milan - and never more so than at Donatella Versace's stellar show, where male models sloped down the runway wearing what can only be described as lacy knickers.

Brief encounter! A very skimpy pair of pants was set off nicely by a heavy winter coat

The men modelled various items of what looked like men's lingerie in the show - dubbed 'Man Summers' by Luke Leitch of the Telegraph - lace-trimmed, gauzy pieces such as hotpants, cycling shorts and sheer vests - styled as outerwear with silk jackets or furry overcoats.
If it were womenswear, we might say the lacy lingerie (or should that be man-gerie?) was toughened up with heavy leather biker boots - but in this situation, it still looked pretty darn feminine.

Knights in white satin: More 'man-gerie' at Versace

There were models in brilliant white lace pants and vests, too, dressed up with more snowy white tailoring.
One plus point to all this lingerie for men: the knickers themselves might have been a touch too ladylike, but the thighs they revealed could crack walnuts. And that alone was enough to keep the front row happy.
Elsewhere, Versace's menswear collection for next winter was nothing if not eclectic.

Classic Versace: Donatella looked back to the archives for inspiration for the collection, meaning plenty of baroque print and leather

Rocker, nostalgic creative, metrosexual, party animal: there was something for every Versace aficionado in the new collection.
It was as though designer Donatella Versace looked into the archives and decided she loved it all. There were golden accents, studs, baroque touches, wild prints and hand-painted details.
There were hand-painted denim ensembles, black-and-tan leather trousers, jackets with sculpted shoulders and plaid suits. The iconic baroque Versace motif made appearances as appliques sewn onto wool coats or in the familiar gold-and-black print in a quilted coat.

source: dailymail

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