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Saturday, January 26, 2013

'It was the worst time of my life': Jennifer Lopez reveals she is still struggling to get over her divorce from Marc Anthony


Sadness behind her smile: Jennifer Lopez told Katie Couric on Friday she is still struggling to come to terms with her divorce to Marc Anthony

Two years on, Jennifer Lopez says she is struggling to deal with the collapse of her marriage to Marc Anthony.
The stunning singer opened up to Katie Couric on Friday, revealing she found it hard to get out of bed when her relationship broke down.

Putting it in song: To explain the divorce to her twins, Emme and Max, JLo wrote a song about it for them

Despite having moved on since her split - JLo is dating her 25-year-old back up dancer Beau 'Casper' Smart - the 43-year-old said having her two twins, Max and Emme, ask questions about the divorce continues to make it difficult.
'I actually just wrote a song about it and just recorded it funnily enough, because I wanted to explain to them without out explaining it to them. It is a beautiful song.
'But there something inside of me that was struggling with that part of things.'

Promotion people: The singer was on the Katie show to promote her new movie, Parker, which also stars Jason Statham in the title role

When asked what she says to the almost five-year-olds the singer said: 'I feel like God gives me the words every time because every time they do it I get a rush of panic through my body and I'm like ''Oh my god, what do I say?''
'Again it is learning process, like with Marc, and I said maybe we should do some things together.'
The On The Floor singer was on the Katie show to promote her new film Parker in which she plays a newly divorced woman. Filming as she went through her own divorce was cathartic, the singer said.

Depressed: Lopez revealed to Couric and Statham that she used her own feelings post divorce to play her newly divorced charcter

'It was kind of perfect to be honest, because I was very in touch with all the emotions,' Jennifer said.
'I play a character who is really literally at the worst point of her life. She's divorced, she's pushing forty and her work isn't doing well and she is living with her mum.
'So she's at the worst point of her life and at that moment when I was doing the movie, I felt the same way.

source: dailymail

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