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Friday, January 4, 2013

Is it a Toy-ota? Australian family with no motor use space for a kiddy's car - just because they can


The owners of this parking space are clearly loathe to let their neighbours take advantage of a vacant spot.

So much so they've chosen to 'park' a child's toy car in the designated space outside their Australian home to prevent other drivers from sneaking into their slot.
A sign has even been attached to the red and yellow plastic vehicle as a warning to any frustrated residents who might be tempted to simply wheel the tiny car out of their way.

Space-saver: The owners of this parking space in Melbourne, Australia, have placed a toy car in it to prevent other residents from pinching their spot

The miniature car makes for a bizarre sight stationed neatly between two genuine articles on either side, but the note points out that the owners pay rent for the space and will use it for 'whatever vehicle we want to'.

Stern: The owners have attached a note to the toy car informing fellow residents that they are within their rights to use their space 'for whatever vehicle we want to'

The scene was captured on camera by a passerby who spotted the toy motor and its sign as they walked past the car park in Melbourne.
The note reads: 'Do not remove. This is the property of unit 1, we pay rent for this car space and shall therefore use it for whatever vehicle we want to.'

source: dailymail

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