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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'I haven't bought anything for my new baby yet': Nell McAndrew opens up on her devastating miscarriage... as she poses nude


Brave: Posing nude for Now magazine while seven months pregnant with her second child, Nell McAndrew opened up on the devastating miscarriage she suffered last year

She tragically lost her first child back in 2005 when her unborn baby was diagnosed with a rare disorder.
But Nell McAndrew has now opened up on her heartache over her miscarriage just one year ago.
Posing nude for Now magazine while seven months pregnant with her second child, the 39-year-old model believed the devastating loss was her body's way of telling her it 'wasn't meant to be'.

Doting mother: Nell, pictured on holiday in Dubai last month is already a proud parent to six-year-old son Devon

Nell - who has a six-year-old son, Devon, with husband Paul Hardcastle - explained she rushed straight to the doctors after discovering she was bleeding.
She told Now magazine: 'I was six weeks gone and Paul and I were both looking forward to our new arrival. It was terribly sad. I held it together in the surgery but had a good cry outside in the car, where my mum was waiting for me.
'We tried to rationalise it that sometimes things just aren't meant to be and that maybe losing the baby was my body's way of saying, "Sorry, not this time".'

Sporty: The 39-year-old model has exercised all the way through her pregnancy, running six miles a day at times

Nell lost her first baby back in 2005 after discovering her unborn child had amniotic band disorder, meaning tissue which should be protecting the foetus forms around it and disrupts growth.
With a miscarriage inevitable, the star terminated her pregnancy under her doctor's advice.
And although Nell was lucky enough to fall pregnant with her current child as soon as she and Paul begun trying last year, she is is still too 'superstitious' to prepare for the birth - despite being just weeks away from welcoming her second baby into the world.

Philosophical: Nell believes suffering a miscarriage last year was her body's way of telling her it 'wasn't meant to be'

She explained: 'With only eight weeks to go, I haven't bought a single thing for my new baby yet - partly because I'm superstitious and partly because I'm so busy. But I'm finally starting to allow myself to get excited.'
As a keen marathon runner, Nell scored her personal best time of two hours and 54 minutes just months after losing her second baby, which she admits was a very 'emotional' experience.
She said: 'I cried with relief because it felt like such a huge achievement for me after everything I'd been through in the months before.'

Read the full interview in Now magazine, out now

Nell said: 'Hopefully our baby will be a fresh start for us and complete our family. Although saying that, I'm enjoying my pregnancy so much that I'm wondering if I might have another baby quite soon after this one.'
Read the full interview in Now magazine, out now.

source: dailymail

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