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Sunday, January 20, 2013

'I feel a total fool. I was set up': Take Me Out contestant Naomi Hewston slams the show after claiming she was 'forced' to pick a man she didn't fancy


Controversy: Naomi Hewston claims she was told by show bosses that she would be kicked off Take Me Out if she didn't pick a man to date

A Take Me Out contestant claims she was pressured to choose a man she didn't fancy.
Flame-haired Naomi Hewston scored a date on last weekend's show with Troy, and returns On Saturday night to talk about it.
But the Birmingham-based singleton claims bosses of the dating show made a fool of her by making her pick a man she didn't like, before encouraging her to get drunk.
Naomi said there was 'no attraction' between the pair, but she was told by show bosses that she would be kicked off Take Me Out if she didn't pick a man to date.

Not impressed: Naomi, pictured with host Paddy McGuinness claims there was 'no attraction' between she and date Troy

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said: 'One of the producers told me, "Brad Pitt's not coming down, and you're not Angelina Jolie, so just get on with it'.
Asked why she kept her light on for Troy, Naomi said she told host Paddy McGuinness: 'Because I was told to.'
She added: 'The producers shouted at me and said, 'You can't say that'. They're going to edit it out.I said, "So I have to lie about it and pretend I wanted to go out with him?", and they said, "Yes."'

'Foolish': The flame-haired singleton maintains she was encouraged to get drunk on her date with Troy

'I feel a total fool, and I was set-up. I was encouraged to drink too much and say things on camera which made me look like an idiot.'
A spokesperson for the ITV1 show told the Daily Mirror they 'strongly refuted' the claims as no contestant would ever be instructed how to act.

Looking for romance: Naomi went on the show in the hope of finding love

They said: 'We do not encourage contestants to drink alcohol and turning a light on or off is entirely up to individual choice.'
Take Me Out sees 30 girls battle it out for a date for a man, but if they are not attracted to him they can turn off their light at any time.
The main show is presented by comedian Paddy McGuinness, while Zoe Hardman and Mark Wright co-host the spin-off series, Take Me Out: The Gossip.
A spokesperson for Take Me Out had been contacted for a comment by MailOnline.

source: dailymail

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