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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I caught my sister having sex and the image is haunting me

By Coleen Nolan

I entertain lots at my house but I don’t want to invite anyone over to sit on a sofa my sister and her boyfriend have been having sex on

Dear Coleen,

The other day I came home after a romantic meal with my boyfriend and walked through the door to find my sister on the sofa with her boyfriend.

They were both naked and clearly having sex. It was disgusting.

I really lost my temper and my sister started crying.

They both gathered up their things and went back to her place. I was so embarrassed because my boyfriend saw them as well.

I now feel I’m unable to leave them alone in my house.

At the moment I can’t even sit on my own sofa without thinking of what they were doing that night.

I entertain lots at my house but I don’t want to invite anyone over to sit on a sofa my sister and her boyfriend have been having sex on.

It’s now even started to affect my own love life as every time I get passionate with my boyfriend that image pops into my head.

My boyfriend just doesn’t understand.

He thinks it’s a big joke, but I’m afraid he’s thinking about her naked body instead of me, as she’s always been the beautiful one in the family.

I want to mend my relationship with my sister because we’ve always been close, but I don’t know how to broach the subject without losing my temper.

Please help.

Coleen says..

First of all, it’s only just happened, so you’re bound to still feel shocked and angry, but those images will fade in time.

I think it might help if you adopted a little of your boyfriend’s attitude. What happened isn’t so serious.

I’m sure your sister is embarrassed and upset, too, and didn’t intend for you to catch them having sex.

In terms of worrying about your boyfriend fancying your sister, from what you’ve said it seems he just thinks what happened was funny and embarrassing and not sexy in any way.

But if it’s worrying you, then you should talk to him about it.

I think you’ll have to take the lead in making things up with your sister because she’ll probably be too embarrassed to bring it up.

Why not suggest meeting at her place for a coffee to talk about it?

It’s OK to let her know you’re angry – you can do it without shouting, but you both need to address it so you can move on.

Finally, if you really can’t stand the sight of your sofa, get a new one and make new memories on it!


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