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Monday, January 21, 2013

He wouldn't get away with that in the ring! Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo leaves little to the imagination in tiny Splash! trunks


The big reveal: Anthony Ogogo's tiny swimming trunks left little to the imagination after he peeled off his dressing gown during Tom Daley diving show Splash! on Saturday night

He took home a bronze medal during the London 2012 Olympics after competing as a tough boxer.
But Anthony Ogogo, 24, looked less fearsome while competing in Tom Daley diving show Splash! on Saturday night.
The sportsman wore a pair of tiny swimming trunks which left little to the imagination.
Before he took to the diving board, Anthony wore a bright yellow dressing gown with a glittering gold trim while he sat by the pool.

Peeling off: Anthony gave viewers an eyeful when he removed his yellow dressing gown and unveiled his skimpy swimwear ahead of his dive

But when it came to his dive, he stripped off to reveal his swimwear which consisted of a tiny piece of tight gold material with red stripes.
And the athlete seemed embarrassed to be wearing the skimpy trunks and warned fans to expect an eyeful ahead of the ITV show.

Getting it all out: Anthony seemed shy about wearing the trunks before the show but played up to the crowd's cheers as he stripped off during the show

He tweeted: 'My oh my. The trunks I'm being forced to wear are small. Please eat well in advance, I don't want to be accountable for any regurgitation.'
And while Anthony seemed shy before the programme, viewers were delighted to see so much of the sporting hunk as he donned the trunks which were almost similar to the famously revealing gold hot pants of Kylie Minogue.
One tweeted: 'Anthony Ogogo in trunks is the ONLY reason anyone watched Splash tonight.'

Ready to go: Anthony's mind was taken off his seemingly uncomfortable trunks during as he prepared to dive but he adjusted his manhood after he emerged from the pool

Another added: 'Anthony Ogogo's trunks are by far the best thing about splash ;) #hotathletebod. (sic)'
And one other Twitter user called for the boxer to empty his wardrobes and wear nothing but the trunks in future.
They wrote: 'Yes @AnthonyOgogo. Just, yes. Forget the diving. Just wear the trunks AT ALL TIMES! X (sic)'

source: dailymail

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