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Friday, January 4, 2013

Grief in the Oval Office: Picture of the terrible moment Obama was told about Sandy Hook shootings is released - as surviving students return to class for the first time since massacre


'The worst day of my presidency': Barack Obama receives the horrific news about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

This photograph, released by the White House on Thursday, reveals the terrible moment when President Barack Obama was told the shocking news about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
The President, who has described the day of the shootings as the ‘worst day of my presidency,’ is seen bowing his head and closing his eyes as John Brennan, his deputy national security adviser, informs him about the tragic events unfolding in Newtown, Connecticut.

Back to school: Sandy Hook students wave on their way to their new school, with one young boy holding up his fingers in a sign Americans recognise as a peace sign

In the wake of the tragedy, the president has tasked his deputy Joe Biden with leading a task force to look at proposals to tighten current firearms legislation.
In Newtown, the surviving children of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre returned to classes on Thursday for the first time since the killing, relocating to a refurbished school in a nearby town.

Journey: Parents were encouraged to put their children on the bus so they can return to their normal routines

On a day laced with worry for the families, children were pictured boarding buses, while police officers stood guard outside the school to check IDs of parents dropping off their sons and daughters.
In one particularly striking image, a young boy aboard a yellow school bus held his fingers in a peace sign as the vehicle passed memorials and welcoming signs on its new route.

Warm welcome: Signs dot the roads in Monroe, Connecticut, where the new Sandy Hook school is located

With their original school still being treated as a crime scene, the more than 400 students are now attending a school, formerly known as Chalk Hill School, in the neighboring town of Monroe.
The site has taken the name Sandy Hook Elementary School - known as the place where six staff members and 20 children lost their lives on December 14 - after discussions with staff.
Police officers have been guarding the new school and a senior officer described it as 'the safest school in America'.

Thoughts: A bus traveling from Newtown stops in front of 26 angels, representing the victims

Never forget: One of the many memorials for the 20 Sandy Hook students killed in Newtown on December 14 along with six teaching staff

The school district said parents who wanted to be close to their children could stay in classrooms or an auditorium throughout the first day, but they were encouraged to take their children to the bus to help them return to their routine.
Newtown Superintendent of Schools Janet Robinson said the school has been transformed into a 'cheerful' place for the students to resume normal school routines.

Missed: Child victims of the shootings: Top row: (L-R) Ana Marquez-Greene, Caroline Previdi, Jessica Rekos, Emilie Parker, Noah Pozner. Second row: (L-R) Jesse Lewis, Olivia Engel, Josephine Gay, Charlotte Bacon, Chase Kowalski. Third row: (L-R) Daniel Barden, Jack Pinto, Catherine Hubbard, Dylan Hockley, Benjamin Wheeler. Fourth row: (L-R) Grace McDonnell, James Mattioli, Avielle Richman, Madeleine Hsu, Allison Wyatt

She said mental health counselors are available for anyone who needs them.
'We will go to our regular schedule,' she said. 'We will be doing a normal day.'
Teams of workers, many of them volunteers, prepared the school with fresh paint and new furniture and even raised bathroom floors so the smaller elementary school students can reach the toilets.
The students' desks, backpacks and other belongings that were left behind following the shooting were taken to the new school to make them feel at home.

Obama back on his Christmas vacations yesterday in Hawaii

President Barack Obama holds his shave ice as he greets people outside Island Snow yesterday

source: dailymail

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