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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Graphic artist creates astonishing body art that appears more than skin deep


One graphic artist has set out to show audiences what's really under his skin, though it may not be for the fainthearted.
Elaborately exposing life-like muscles and ligaments across an uncut pallet of human skin, artist Danny Quirk's recreation of the human body opened up reveals beauty to be more than skin deep.
Inspired from the recent creation of a his girlfriend’s macabre Halloween costume, the recent Pratt Institute graduate found a way to use liquid latex and Sharpie markers to create his unique body art.

Body art: Using liquid latex and Sharpie markers, artist Danny Quirk exposes the human anatomy in a harmless and some could say beautiful way while using the human body as his pallet

No harm done: The finished drawing along the woman's back easily peels from her skin once finished

Extra exposure: Danny Quirk shows off his own design drawn onto his hand using the same latex method as a way to promote his art

Painting a thin layer of the stretchy liquid over his models, his detailed work amazingly promises no pain despite the perceived exposure of their spines, jaws, arteries and other anatomical pieces.
When it's finished, the designs simply peel off.

source: dailymail

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