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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gotcha! Moment driver of £60,000 Porsche speeding at 113mph slams on brakes as he spots police camera van... but it's too late

-David Judd, 30, slams on the brakes on spotting a speed camera
-Smoke covers road and tyres screech as he slows to 23mph in seconds
-He admitted the luxury car was going 'faster than he had realised'
-The driver was slapped with a six-month ban and ordered to pay £815
-He said it was 'exciting' but he 'wouldn't be doing it again soon'


This is the terrifying moment a Porsche driver was caught on camera overtaking a group of learner motorcyclists at 113mph - narrowly missing the front rider.

Shocking footage shows David Judd, 30, racing past seven bikers on the wrong side of the busy A631 near Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, in his silver £60,000 Porsche 911.
The reckless driver is filmed speeding past the motorcyclists, who are all wearing fluorescent vests, before slamming on the brakes when he spots the police camera.

Reckless: David Judd's Porsche 911 is captured overtaking seven on the busy A631 in Lincolnshire

His screeching tyres send smoke billowing across the road as he desperately tries to regain control of his souped-up motor after decelerating from 113mph to 23mph in just three seconds.
Judd's antics were captured in the 22-second video as he returned from a day trip to Skegness, Lincs. in the luxury car - which has the personalised number plate D13 JUD.

The 30-year-old narrowly avoids colliding with the front driver as he spots the camera and slams on the brakes

Judd, from Doncaster, S.Yorks., admitted speeding on May 13 last year but denied careless driving when he appeared at Lincoln Magistrates' Court yesterday.
But he was found guilty, slapped with a six-month ban and ordered to pay £815.
Judd referred to himself in a police interview as an idiot but denied he was 'showing off', a court heard. He said the car was travelling 'faster than he realised' as he overtook.
JPs were told that his car had previously been under-performing but went faster than it used to after an engine fault was fixed.

Dangerous: A cloud of smoke billows from the £60,000 Porsche 911 as he slows from 113mph to 23mph in just three seconds

Steve Smith, defending, said he was past the picnic area when he overtook and there was a 'nice' overtaking gap between the car and the bikes.
He said there was a safe distance between the vehicles when Judd braked.
Mr Smith added that at no point did Judd lose control of his car, attributing a 'slight veer' after braking to a technical fault with the braking system.
Speaking after the case, Judd, who runs a car spraypaint business, said: 'It's no big deal.

Motor fanatic: Judd insisted after his trial that it was 'no big deal' and had been 'exciting' but admitted he would not be trying anything similar again

'I was going pretty fast and I spotted the police camera and slammed on the brakes.
'I knew I was going pretty fast but didn't really know how fast until the police told me.
'To be honest it was pretty exciting but I won't be doing it again soon.

Caught out: The driver, from Doncaster, was slapped with a six-month ban and ordered to pay £815 after he was found guilty of careless driving

'I've still got the Porsche, I won't be selling it.'
Speaking after the case, John Siddle, from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said Judd was 'very lucky'.
He said: 'Given that there were pedestrians and novice motorcyclists using the road, anything could have happened.'
Mr Siddle added that only 10 out of 45,000 people caught speeding in Lincolnshire last year were travelling at more than 100mph.

source: dailymail

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