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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Faces of change: Amazing time lapse video captures transsexual's three-year transformation from man to woman


The video begins with a picture of a handsome man with dark shoulder-length hair and square jaw (clockwise), followed by a swarm of images taken over a period of three years tracking his facial transformation into a woman. the time lapse video shows how the man's face gradually becomes more narrow, his chin turning more round, with his eyes, lips and cheekbones taking on more feminine qualities.

Starting point: The video begins with a picture of a handsome with dark shoulder-length hair and chiselled square jaw

Metamorphosis: One month into the facial feminization surgery, the man's jawline appears to soften, right, and six months later, his face begins to become markedly more feminine

Dude looks like a lady: About 23 months after the first image was taken, the young man has narrower face and softer, more feminine features

Impressive outcome: A final picture in the series reveals the end result of the surgery: a face with delicate feminine features, high cheekbones, catlike eyes and round chin, framed by dark bangs and soft curls

source: dailymail

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