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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't worry, she's just a bit on edge: Vertigo-inducing images of artist perched precariously on tall buildings

Jun Ahn poses fearlessly at breathtaking heights for her portraits
She has travelled to Seoul, Hong Kong and New York to take the startling images
The artist uses a camera with a timer to take the dizzying pictures


A fearless artist has gone to extreme lengths for the perfect self portrait - dangling off skyscrapers.

Jun Ahn, from Seoul, South Korea, has travelled to the top of some of the biggest buildings in her native city, New York and Hong Kong to sit, stand, perch and pose at dizzying heights.
In some of the daring artworks, viewers are afforded stomach churning vertical views of Jun's feet dangling hundreds of feet above the bustling city streets below, while others show her gingerly peering over the edge.

The streets below: Jun Ahn high above the chaotic architecture and bustle of Hong Kong (left). In in her native Seoul looking down on a square (right)

Jun, 32, takes the images using setting up cameras with self timers to capture her in the extreme positions.
'People always ask whether the images are real and in all these pictures I was actually there, not photoshopped. Of course it is not a safe situation. But I always try to be careful,' she said.

Jun Ahn has travelled to the tops of some of the biggest buildings in her native city, New York and Hong Kong. (Right) The artist balances delicately on a Seoul building flanked by hills and rolling countryside

Winter's fury: This amazing image captures Jun Ahn frozen in a snow storm as the wind whips through her hair

Skylight: Fireworks glitter in the night as the artist leans out of a New York window

Unflappable: New York looms below as she crawls along the edge of a skyscraper. She started the photography project in 2008

But despite her death-defying antics, the full-time photographer is more amazed at the lack of awareness people on the ground show.
'I only saw people notice me on two occasions,' Jun added.
'The first time, a lady was just staring up at me. The second time, a family who were having BBQ party at the rooftop of the building beside my window saw me.
'But I was surprised that not many people look up when they were walking on the street.'

Crouch: A camera with a timer allows the South Korean to capture herself in a series of poses

Jun says that throughout the four years she took the images, very few people looked up and noticed her as she posed

source: dailymail

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