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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Could they sit any further apart? Jennifer Aniston appears to be giving Justin Theroux a piece of her mind as she stands hand-on-hip

Trouble in paradise?: It looked like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Therouz were having a heated discussion in Mexico on Thursday

They have been enjoying a sun-soaked getaway to Mexico with some of her famous friends and fiancé Justin Theroux.
But it seemed as though there may have been some trouble in paradise when Jennifer Aniston got her man alone on Wednesday.
It looked as though the couple, both 41, may have been having something of a heated discussion at the luxurious Los Cabos location.

Keeping their distance: The couple stood very far apart and at one point looked in different directions for a time

Jennifer came out to where Justin was relaxing and appeared to start exchanging heated words with her other half.
With her hand placed firmly on her stuck-out hip, it was clear Jennifer was not in the best of moods.
After what looked like a telling off the pair were staring in opposite directions for a time.
Jennifer was dressed in a purple shirt which she teamed with a pretty pink and cream sarong as she paced about in the warm weather.

Not happy: Jennifer didn't seem to be in the best of moods as she chatted to Justin with her hand on her stuck-out hip

Meanwhile Justin was sporting a black tank top and jeans, despite the high temperatures.
The actor sipped on an espresso and had accessorised with a beret hat and orange-lensed sunglasses.
Fortunately it seemed that the pair soon made amends and they were later seen sitting a lot closer together as they relaxed by the pool and chatted away.
And Justin eventually decided to take a dip, stripping off and displaying his muscular form.

Walking away: Jen later left Justin, who was sipping on an espresso, to his own devices

source: dailymail

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