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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cocky Justin Bieber shows off his abs in Miami... before continuing his reign as worst-dressed male celebrity with bizarre winged trainers


Check out my abs! Justin Bieber drew attention to his toned stomach as he went shirtless by the pool in Miami

He's certainly not lacking when it comes to self-belief.
Justin Bieber was spotted cockily displaying his bare chest during a break in Miami, after playing a concert the night before and awaiting the release of his acoustic album.
The 18-year-old singer even resorted to lifting up his white T-shirt to show off the results of his altered diet and exercise routine, which he hopes will see him gains pounds in muscle.

Still at the top of the list! Bieber then continued his reign as the world's worst-dressed male celebrity in a bizarre outfit with included odd winged trainers

He's got wings! Justin drew attention to his feet in the colourful, embellished winged footwear

Following his slightly arrogant display poolside at the mansion, Bieber was seen continuing his reign as the worst-dressed male celebrity with an entirely bizarre outfit - topped off with a pair of winged trainers.
The odd footwear ensured Bieber stood out from the crowd, with the bright colours and large embellishment attracting attention to the singer's feet.
To further add to his eccentric look, Bieber teamed the shoes with a pair of floral knickerbocker style drop-crotch trousers and a backwards baseball cap.

Where are your trousers? Bieber also appeared to have forgotten his trousers as he headed out of the hotel

source: dailymail

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