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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Check me out: Justin Bieber flashes his VERY lean chest during New Year's Eve performance in New York


Show off: Justin Bieber flashes his tone but very lean chest during his performance at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve in New York on Monday

No one can accuse the Biebs of being fat but he's hardly what you would call a beefcake either.
He seems to think so though!
The prince of pop proudly flashed his chest during his performance at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve in New York on Monday and the result was...not exactly manly
The 18-year-old heart throb lifted his black T-shirt to reveal his smooth, hairless torso and a chunky gold necklace and the gesture was met by screams of approval from his adoring female fans.

Fighting them off: Two female dancers seemed to have taken a shine to the 18-year-old's quite puny chest

His impromptu strip tease also showed off his tiny hip tattoo of a bird - his first ink job.
Bieber himself looked quite surprised by his lack of muscle and as he looked down to admire his body pulled a somewhat baffled face.
His back-up dancers didn't seem to have a problem with his diminutive frame however as they saucily caressed him and felt up his chest during one of his numbers.

Boyish: The pop prince Tweeted a picture of himself frowning and showing off his bare chest a few days before the show

Beiber's performance was as energetic and heart-felt as ever though and the crowd couldn't get enough of him.
At one point he leaped nimbly into the air showing off his trademark high tops - a particularly victorious moment for the young star who reportedly raked in about $55 million last year.

Flying high: The energetic Baby singer certainly gave a rousing New Year's Eve performance

source: dailymail

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