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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Are these the world's coolest tree houses? Stunning hideaways in a Canadian forest where you can trade city lights for starry nights


New kind of luxury: Located about four hours northwest of Toronto, five-star resort E'terra Samara plans to soon offer these 12 eco-friendly tree house villas

A five-star eco-friendly resort in Canada has unveiled their latest high-scale retreat that's suspended entirely in trees.
These 12 tree house villas hanging in the tranquil Bruce Peninsula forest, just northwest of Toronto, are the E’terra Samara resort's latest villas, matching luxurious comfort and futuristic style with the great outdoors.
Inviting guests to 'escape the city lights for starry nights,' each open-aired villa is uniquely positioned around its centre tree to take advantage of specific site features and lighting while mutually ensuring guest privacy.

Inspiration: The villa's design is said to be inspired by the samara seed, pictured, that's commonly known as the maple key

The one-bedroom villas, whose design is inspired by the samara seed - commonly known as the maple key - features a bedroom area, front furnished living space, composting toilet and an eco-friendly shower.
'The structure is designed to be suspended from the tree's trunk, rather than following the common practice of nailing to the tree, thereby hugging the tree rather than piercing its flesh,' Farrow Partnership Architects says of their design.
But if lofting about in a canopy overlooking the Georgian Bay needs more pizazz, guests are also able to take in the resort’s other activities including a day spa and sauna, salt water infinity pools, hiking trails, kayaking, canoeing, boat tours, or a stroll in their gardens.

Living arrangements: An artist's rendering of a villa's interior shows the front open-aired living space followed by the beginning of the bedroom in the foreground

For those guests who prefer to stay comfortably inside, however, the villas' sheltering fabric bonnets are not only self-cleaning but actively neutralize airborne pollutants and odours.
Explaining the process, the resort credits the fabric's coating of PTFE fiberglass and titanium dioxide - that's non-toxic and flame resistant - which activates the sun's UV rays, oxygen and water vapour to break down dirt and any other organic materials.

View from above: Seen looking down on the tree house, the protecting fabric bonnet is said to be not only self-cleaning but to actively neutralize airborne pollutants and odours

All of the villas are said to be built off-site out of locally harvested wood before installed.
Hoping to further protect the area's flora during their installation, progress on the retreat was scheduled around this winter.
After its construction, E'terra Samara plans to reopen in mid February with a calendar of available reservations for their 2013 season.

source: dailymail

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