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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A love that will never blossom: Beautiful images chart seven years of photographer's obsession with a DEAD oak tree


Golden light: Photographer Kevin Day's most popular image, A Love Affair Blossoms, was taken as the sun rose behind the dead tree

These haunting images show the seasons changing over seven years around the gnarled branches of a dead tree.
Kevin Day, a 55-year-old graphic designer from Slough, Berkshire, captured the ethereal pictures of the lone tree at a local park.
His photos of the natural landscape in a magnificent range of light and weather conditions look as though they could have been shot anywhere in the world.

Shadow puppeteer: Left, the tree seems to reach out to the observer in 'We've all been here before', taken April 2008 at 5.50am, and, right, it is covered by a white blanket in 'More fog than mist', taken October 2006

Snow white: The tree is simply an elegant silhouette against a brilliantly stark background in 'Revisiting an Icon', a mono conversion captured in December 2010

Hazy days: Light mist around the dead tree is illuminated in the colourful 'Whisps of a Moment' taken in July 2012 at 4.50am

Night vision: The 55-year-old photographer captures the tree illuminated by a full moon and torchlight in 'Sleep is not an Excuse, from November 2009 at 9pm

Work of art: This detailed image of the tree, named 'The Return' and taken just months ago in September 2012 looks like a beautiful painting

Only the ancient tree, thought to be an oak tree, remains static on an ever-changing background at Langley Park.
'Every time I reached a spot where I could see this dead tree I was compelled to take another shot of it,' said Mr Day.
'It was the change of light that was attracting me; every morning was different, every shot was different... Most of the time it was like shooting a completely different scene with the same central character never changing.

Regal specimen: The branches claw at the vibrant purple sky in A Winter's Respite, taken at dawn in March 2007

'Then my morning walk changed, it had a purpose; to record the changing light and conditions and the effect they had on this immobile piece of nature. Sometimes it could appear soft and ethereal whilst other times it would become dark and threatening.'
One of his most popular images is A Love Affair Blossoms - which was taken very early in the morning on 23 August 2005, when the sun rose directly behind the tree.

Autumn almanac: Pink sunlight shines gently on the tree and dew covered grasses in September Sunrise, taken at 7am

Mirror image: The light reflects off a lake while the tree takes a background role in 'Insignificant Details', taken in July 2008

Swansong: Ripples form on the lake in front of the immoveable tree in 'Still There', taken in June 2009

Red letter day: Mr Day, left, compares the tree to a character that never changes in a constantly altering landscape

'I couldn't take shots quick enough,' said Mr Day. 'The light was changing by the second and I could feel myself actually getting emotional.
'Through repetition, I discovered the best positions and angles for the shots so after a while I could concentrate more on getting the exposures to match what I wanted rather than concentrating on composition.
'I can overlay my most recent shot on top of one of the original ones and only the very smallest twigs have disappeared - most probably down to wind damage - I think that is what has fascinated me more than anything else, there is this wonderful old tree unchanging over the years and yet I can take hundreds of photos of it during the seasons and very few of them look the same.
'What is fascinating is that this nondescript park in Slough could easily be mistaken for a location as varied as the African Savannah to darkest Transylvania.'

Romantic palette: Shades of pink and purple give the scene a feminine look in 'Pale Mists' from August 2005

Old-fashioned fun: Cobwebs are just visible as Mr Day plays with perspective in 'Grass and Webs', taken in September 2006 at 7am

Dramatic pause: The sharp twigs of a whole cluster of trees stand out in 'What if this is as good as it gets', taken in April 2010 at 6am

source: dailymail

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