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Monday, December 10, 2012

Water babies: Meet the twins who are too young to walk or talk. . . but can swim the length of a 25-metre pool


Like ducks to water: William, left, and Ellenita, right, in their local pool

They are too young to walk and talk but tiny twins William and Ellenita Trykush can swim a length of a 25-metre pool at just nine months old.
The water babies love gliding up and down on their backs, kicking their legs to propel themselves along.
And as this delightful underwater picture shows, they even smile while they’re swimming.

Splashing around: William, right, copies his sister Ellenita in the water

Their achievements are even more astonishing given that they were born by emergency caesarean six weeks early.
The twins’ extraordinary talent emerged during a family holiday to Cyprus in October when they began to swim underwater, unaided and without armbands.

Under water fun: The pair first swam five metres before progressing to the full length of the pool

On their return to Cirencester, Gloucestershire, their mother Charlotte, 35, took them to local baby pool at the Cotsworld Leisure Centre where they both suddenly set off on their backs.
‘It was astonishing. First they did five metres, then a width at seven metres, and then a length of 12 metres,’ said French-born Mrs Trykush, a former swimming coach.
‘There was hardly anyone in the adult pool, so I suggested to their teacher that we try the big pool.

Natural: The twins now visit their local pool twice a week because they enjoy splashing around so much

‘They were loving it so much, they set off and did an entire length with me swimming underneath them on my back to make sure they were alright and to steer if they went off in the wrong direction.
‘Ellie was first - she always is - and William seemed to be copying his big sister.

Tired out: The babies take a well earned nap after their swimming exploits

On dry land: Father Victor hopes Ellenita, left, and William, right, compete at the Olympics in 2028

source : dailymail

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