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Friday, December 14, 2012

Vanessa Hudgens dresses her puppies in pink coats for a stroll in chilly New York


What a sight for sore eyes: Vanessa Hudgens was spotted taking her friend's dogs for a walk in New York on Wednesday and almost fell over. The dogs weren't a match for the laughing actress though

Never underestimate the strength of a French bulldog it seems.
Bubbly Vanessa Hudgens was out taking her friend's dogs for a walk in New York on Wednesday and almost lost her cool as she balanced on one leg and nearly landed on her derriere.
However the two pooches were not going to get the better of the former Disney star and she soon regained her footing.

Bundled up: The former Disney star looks festive and fun in her furry ear muffs and matching cream woolly scarf

The Spring Breakers starlet beamed with delights as she walked through Central Park with the two pink jumper-clad cuties.
At one point she bent down to give them doggy treats and then coaxed one of the bulldogs to get on it's hind legs for a reward.
Then after a little rest on a bench, where Hudgens could be seen puckering up to one of the pooches - the dogs made a new friend in the form of a black poodle.

Animal lover: The pretty actress kneels down to shower the two French Bulldogs with affection

All celebrity aside the 23-year-old chatted to the poodle's owner as if she was just a normal dog-walker out for a crisp NY stroll.
Wrapped up against the chill Hudgens wore fluffy cream ear muffs and a matching woolly scarf.
Her ripped blue jeans were tucked into chunky over-the-knee lace up boots with her blue blazer jacket matching nicely.

What a sight for sore eyes: Hudgens was on trend as usual in over-the-knee lace up boots and a ripped jeans

She accessorised with some funky silver rings and an elegant silver necklace and she didn't seem in a hurry to be anywhere.
Meanwhile Hudgens, who is dating actor Austin Butler, recently opened up to Harper's Bazaar Arabia about her role in Gimme Shelter, admitting she had to chop all her hair off and live in a women's shelter for two weeks to get into the mindset of her pregnant teenager alter-ego, Apple.
She told the magazine: 'I had to chop off all my hair and live in a pregnant woman’s shelter for about two weeks before we even started filming to get me in my head space.

Pucker up: The Spring Breakers starlet takes a break to give the cute pooch a smooch

New friend: Hudgens' two pink jumper clad dogs find a new companion to play with

source: dailymail

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