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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

These snow sculptures are brrrilliant! Ice cool art set to draw record crowds


Snow place like home: One of the stunning ice sculptures on display at the Jingyue Snow World exhibition

These beautiful ice sculptures create a real winter wonderland as they are painstakingly created from huge mounds of compressed snow for China's annual ice festival.
After thousands of man hours in the making, the stunning sculptures are finally ready for the throngs of tourists at the annual Jingyue Snow World festival in Jingyuetan National Forest in China's Jilin Province.
Among this year's exhibits are life-size church, a sprawling stately home, a wonderful Disney-style castle and a herd of galloping horses.

Ice palace: Workers shape a snow sculpture for the annual Jingyue Snow World festival in Jingyuetan National Forest in Chinas Jilin Province

Craft: Workers carefully shape one of the dazzling snow sculptures in time of the opening of this year's event

Devil's in the detail: Creating the sculptures takes a great deal of skill and precision as well as plenty of patience

The sculptures require huge amounts of skill and effort to complete due to their enormous size and the high levels of detail required.
Large teams worked on in freezing temperatures well below zero to ensure the exhibits were ready on time for the grand opening.
As well as the dazzling snow sculptures, Snow Paradise boasts an ice carved forest and an ice carved octopus slide track.
The Jingyue Lake National Forest Park itself covers a massive 200 square kilometers and is famous for its picturesque scenery, magnificent mountains and thick forests with over 30 tree species.

Teamwork: A group of workers beavers away as another stunning sculpture gradually emerges from a heap of snow

Horsing around: A herd of wild horses was the inspiration for this sculpture at Jingyue Snow World

Final touches: A worker chisels away at the front of the horses sculpture to create the perfect effect

Dedication: Despite the sub-zero temperatures workers were keen to press on and have the sculptures ready for the opening of the festival

source: dailymail

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