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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The lengths we go to for a Christmas turkey! Last-minute shopper who can't find a space parks in a supermarket TROLLEY BAY


Amazing: This impatient driver was so desperate to get to the supermarket they parked in a trolley bay

It's a festive scenario familiar to many.
On Christmas Eve you drive to the supermarket for some last minute essentials, or to pick up a present for the one relative you forgot was coming on Christmas Day, only to discover there are no places.
But rather than drive around, gnawing the steering wheel in frustration like most of us would, one brass-necked shopper simply parked in an empty trolley bay at the Asda branch in the Warwickshire town of Nuneaton.
And it was later revealed that the owner of the car, named only as Jim, turned to the unusual space in his desperation to buy beer.

Laughs: A selection of comments after the picture spread through Twitter

Jim parked his Peugeot 107 in the empty trolley bay at Asda when he found the rest of the car park full.
But he was shocked when he returned with his beer to find a crowd had gathered to marvel at his feat.
The car park, at Asda in Nuneaton, Warks., have even agreed to waive the £75 fine because staff found it so funny.
Jim said: 'There was just loads of traffic, I thought I would just park it in the bay as there were no trollies in it.

'The lengths we go 2 for a Turkey!' One twitter user's take on the unusual scene

'It's only a small car so it fitted in fine.
'I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle to get out of the car.
'When I got back there was a huge crowd looking at my car, the manager of Asda was even there. They said there would normally be a £75 fine, but it was so funny they would let it go.
'She said they wanted to frame it in their office. I was only going there to buy some beer.'

source: dailymail

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