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Monday, December 24, 2012

Over 100 Bottles of Semen Sent to Japanese AV Actress, Photo of Collection Posted to Twitter

By Steven

Uta Kohaku is 20-year-old Japanese adult video (AV) actress who is known for looking strikingly similar to Atsuko Maeda, a wildly popular singer and former member of all-female idol group AKB48.

Like many other Japanese AV actresses, Uta regularly uses Twitter to connect with her fans, replying to their tweets directly or sharing sneak-peek snapshots of herself behind the scenes. One of her most recent tweets, however, has caught the attention of fans and non-fans alike for linking to an image that can only be described as “WTF Japan”.

A few hours before stepping into the studio, Uta teased with an even more graphic photo: “The semen from my fans! Sugoiiiiii (Awesome!)“

The image is of the young porn star smiling innocently while holding up the peace sign and wearing a pink bathrobe, sitting among over 100 clear plastic bottles of semen.
We’ve seen enough Japanese porn to know where this is going…
Warning: The remainder of this post contains images of semen-filled plastic bottles. If that grosses you out, we ask that you proceed with caution.
So how did Uta find herself in such a situation, and why is she documenting it on Twitter?

And finally, Uta shares her final moments before showering in the physical manifestation of her fan’s love.

As it turns out, that’s not just any old semen collection, oh no: each bottle contains a freshly squeezed sample from one of her many fans, signed and sent via post. Destination: All over Uta.
It all started earlier this month, when AV studio RADIX called out to fans of Uta to bottle their semen and send it to them for use in their latest video, “Semen Collection 2″, the concept of which we shouldn’t have to explain to you.

Godspeed, Uta Kohaku. After what you’re about to go through, the impending apocalypse doesn’t sound half bad. Source: @uta0214khk

Fans were encouraged to write their names on the bottles as they would appear in the video, which is being filmed on December 20—probably as I’m writing this…ew.
The request was retweeted by Uta herself, and within two weeks over 100 fans had sent in their contributions. Things started to heat up earlier today when Uta posted an image of the first few packages delivered to her by RADIX. She tweets: “Semen from around Japan has begun to arrive ⊂((・x・))⊃ I will care for them as if it were my own child.”

▼ For comparison, here’s Atsuko Maeda

▼ And here’s Uta Kohaku when she’s made up to look like Atsuko Maeda

source: en.rocketnews24

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