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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mastering the balancing act! Jessica Alba ferries Haven around in a baby carrier and keeps hands free for Christmas shopping


Baby on board: Jessica Alba toted daughter Haven around in a baby carrier on a Sunday shopping trip

The day before she was seen looking a little frazzled as she took her daughters to a festive party. But by the time Sunday arrived Jessica Alba was far more calm and collected.
The actress and mother-of-two had even mastered the tricky art of the balancing act.
Jessica was accompanied by youngest daughter Haven on a Christmas shopping trip and toted her 17-month-old in a functional baby carrier.

Juggling: The actress was then able to use her free hands to carry freshly purchased Christmas presents

It left the star’s arms relatively free to lug gifts around, although she also made sure to keep a protective hand on her youngster.
As usual Jessica, who also has four-year-old daughter Honor, looked every inch the cool customer in her casual California girl outfit.

What a cutie: Haven, who is 17 months old, looked adorable in a knitted cream jumper, pink tights and silver shoes

The 31-year-old was dressed in a pair of tight green tartan trousers, white tank top, black leather jacket and matching clunky ankle boots.
Haven meanwhile was adorable in ballerina inspired pink tights, silver shoes and a cute cream knitted jumper complete with a hood to keep her warm.

California girl: Jessica looked lovely in her casual ensemble of green tartan trousers, white tank top, black leather jacket and ankle boots

The mother and daughter duo were stocking up on last-minute presents ahead of the holiday at Williams-Sonoma in Beverly Hills.
The pair were also joined by Jessica’s mother Catherine for the retail therapy trip, who at one point was tasked with carrying the star’s gorgeous daughter.

Stocking up: Jessica and her mother are ensuring they have everything set for the holiday ahead

Jessica was clearly ensuring her tot was bundled up well and as well as a hooded jumper, Haven had an adorable hat with cat ears.
With the countdown on to Christmas no doubt Jessica is in full preparation mode, as the Spy Kids 4 actress told Us Magazine she was holding Christmas day at her house:
'People will be bringing dishes but I'm taking care of the turkey....I love spending time with my family.'
Now that little Haven is a bit older and understands the celebration this year will be even bigger for the family of four.

Not your average star: Jessica was more than happy to haul boxes of bottles by herself

Gently does it: Jessica ensured her youngest daughter was safely strapped into the car before heading off

source: dailymail

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