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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm a Barbie girl too! Living doll Valeria Lukyanova meets her match - and now the pair intend to take America by storm


Barbie girls: Valeria Lukyanova, left, and Olga Oleynik have transformed their looks thanks to surgery

Real life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova has found herself a twin and now both intend to take America by storm.
Valeria caused an internet sensation - but also deep concern - when her cosmetically-enhanced looks turned her into a living doll.
Now she is joined by 24-year-old 'Dominica' - real name Olga Oleynik - who also owes her shape and image to the surgeon's knife.

Living dolls: The pair are working together holding lectures on spirituality

'We met on the internet five years ago,' said Valeria, explaining that both come from the Ukrainian city of Odessa.
'We were curious about our similarities. We had the same hairstyle, make-up, and even dressed in a similar way. Our friends were sure that we were blood sisters.
'We are really sisters - but only in spiritual way. We have the same outlook and lifestyle.'

Cut from the same cloth: Olga, left, and Valeria say they are like sisters

The pair have been holding lectures on spirituality at £50 a session. They use their looks to attract participants, it is claimed.
'We are planning to move to America soon. Dominica's boyfriend is living in the US and my husband wants to start a business there too,' said Valeria. 'I am not going to be bored abroad, I'm often invited to photo-shoots and parties.'

source :dailymail

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