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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Housewives do Gangnam Style! Brilliantly bad video with Bucks yummy mummies, mops and some rapping around Waitrose


Hey sexy ladies! The housewives perform the famous dance routine in festive attire

It's been the hit of the year and also one of the most parodied thanks to its accompanying video, but here's Gangnam Style as you've never seen it before - performed by suburban housewives.
A group of British wives and mothers from Buckinghamshire got together to perform their own version of the song by South Korean musician PSY, complete with their own lyrics.
The women sing 'mop! mop! mop! We've got housewife style!' as they are filmed dancing in skimpy outfits in their kitchens and rapping around Waitrose.

Mop! Mop! Mop! This is how the women clean the floor 'housewife style'

Their lyrics include the lines: 'We don't know, why you would go for less, older woman they are by far the best, we've got housewife style!' and 'load the dirty dishes, feed the hungry cat, we're supersonic women and sexy too at that.'
The tongue-in-cheek footage shows that the women can juggle cooking, cleaning and reading Fifty Shades of Grey around running 'six people's lives' - and still being sexy.

Donate if they entertained you: The women are raising money via Just Giving

The video, which you can view below, was produced and directed by Lizzie Allen who enlisted her friends to take part to raise money for the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer. As well as being filmed at their homes in Bucks, they also shot scenes around the county in affluent areas including Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross and the Waitrose store in Chesham.
A spokesman for the supermarket said they 'were thrilled that these glamorous ladies had lots of fun filming the hilarious video outside our shop.'

Working it: The friends look like they are having fun in the video produced and directed by Lizzie Allen

And while the scenes of them gyrating with their mops and posing in a hot tub may make their children cringe, it's certainly working at raising money for the good cause.
So far, £1,499 has been raised via their Just Giving page and they hope to raise much more as the video gains in views.

Still got it: Older women can be sexy too the women point out in the parody

source: dailymail

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