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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Father's time lapse video of an afternoon alone with toddler son reveals what REALLY goes on when mom is away


Chaos: Emio Tomeoni made a time lapse video of himself and 21-month-old Xavier spending an afternoon alone together without wife Stephanie

A father's time-lapse video recording what goes on when he and his toddler son are left home alone, has taken YouTube by storm, generating over 10,000 views.
Emio Tomeoni, 30, of Kansas City, Missouri, made the film for his wife, Stephanie Ramos, 31, while she was at work one afternoon to reveal the chaos that ensues when he and Xavier, 21 months, play together.
The pair, who set up camp in an initially spotless living room, are seen exploring an ever-increasing array of toys and games.

All calm: The pair couldn't look more innocent as they kick off proceedings with a small basket of soft toys

Once they have exhausted the potential of a basket of soft playthings, a toy box comes out, the contents of which are rapidly scattered across the room.
There's a little playtime on the sofa, and some piano practice on the keyboard in the corner before some stacking of blocks before lunch.
By this point, a child's chair and playpen have been added to the melee, though little Xavier elects to perch on an upended basket for lunch instead, while dad sits cross-legged on the coffee table.

New possibilities: Once Mr Tomeoni and Xavier have explored all toys in the basket, they move onto the trunk

The little chair comes in useful when Mr Tomeoni feeds the youngster a yogurt, but it appears there is a spillage, and so the next time we see them, both have lost their shirts.
Of course, this does nothing to inhibit the fun, and Xavier takes to his playpen. This looks like rather a good idea to Mr Tomeoni, who clambers inside as well, much to the little boy's delight.

Simple pleasures: The toys are never quite as much fun as a little father-son quality time though

Next on the agenda is a bongo drum, which appears, like the rest of the toys, seemingly out of nowhere. It is cast aside for a diaper change though, before an impressively speedy tidy-up restores the room to normal.

source: dailymail

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