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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't fall in! Amazingly realistic 3D images on pavements across America and Europe


Under the carpet: Mr Wenner's The Flying Carpet photographed in Bettona, Italy

From Piccadilly Circus to an incident at Waterloo this eye-opening 3D street art is probably the best on the planet.
Not only do these incredible pastel drawings on pavements across the world look realistic by themselves - but when passers-by jump into the scene they take on a life of their own.
As well as his London creations, U.S. street artist Kurt Wenner, 53, created a playboy's bachelor pad in a Singapore Airport, a magic carpet for children to ride over an Arabian fantasy city and a grand prix car for local female drivers to try out during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Piccadilly Circus? A three-dimensional street painting called The Belgian Underground photographed in Brussels, Belgium

U.S. street artist Kurt Wenner, 53, created this work, called Incident at Waterloo, in London

Bradley Wiggins gets involved in the artwork by riding along a jungle scene called St Paul's and London Craning Skyward

Mr Wenner invented a new geometry that creates compositions that appear to rise from or fall into the ground.
Using his homemade pastels, he can take up to seven days to complete his intricately detailed large-scale drawings, sometimes longer depending on the weather.

Incredible: A three-dimensional street painting called Women Driver photographed at Bahrain Grand Prix in Bahrain

Mr Wenner's innovative style draws on religion and classical mythology.
Mr Wenner began his career in Rome, inspired by the city's centuries-old tradition of street art.
Mr Wenner explains: 'The pieces look real because they are calculated to be perfectly and mathematically accurate.'

Adventurous: The Northwest Fantasy photographed in San Francisco, California

Mr Wenner's Titania Encantado photographed in Burgos, Spain

Grand Canyon Trail photographed at National Geographic Grand Canyon Visitor Centre in the U.S.

Sustainable: A 3-D painting by Mr Wenner called Greenpeace / Million Signatures

Hellish: Dies Irae, based on a 13th century Latin hymn thought to be written by Thomas of Celano

Awe-inspiring: Mr Wenner's incredible 3-D sea dragon photographed in Kaosiung, Taiwan

source: dailymail

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