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Friday, December 7, 2012

Boldly going into darker territory: Benedict Cumberbatch embraces his evil side as new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness is unveiled


Eagerly-awaited: the plot of the new film has been kept tightly underwraps until the teaser trailer release

It's one of the most iconic franchises of all time.
But die hard Trekkies might be in for a shock as the trailer for the eagerly awaited new Star Trek film, Into Darkness, is released.
Focusing on Benedict Cumberbatch's new character, Khan, the trailer shows what looks like a much darker sequel to the 2009 film, showing apocalyptic battle scenes and all-out action.

On the dark side: Benedict Cumberbatch stars as villain Khan in the forthcoming Star Trek sequel

The Sherlock actor, who audiences aren't used to seeing as a villain, embraces his evil side for the role, playing the ruthless character who has scores to settle with the film's hero Captain Kirk.
Chris Pine reprises his role as the lead character, who's on a mission to find and destroy Khan before he destroys the organisation from within.
Cumberbatch, who has dyed his strawberry blonde hair dark for the role, comes across as the quintessential villain as he sets about destroying the lives of the Enterprise crew.

Action-packed: The trailer shows a much scarier and dramatic Star Trek than ever before

The action-packed trailer, shows the cat and mouse game that's played out between Pine and Cumberbatch throughout the film, resulting in what looks like large-scale destruction.
The teaser opens with the line: 'So you think your world is safe? It's all just an illusion.'
The eagerly anticipated JJ Abrams sequel, which is released later next year, also stars Alice Eve, Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg who reprise their original roles.

Darker film: Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana reprieve their roles in the much darker sequel to the 2009 film

source: dailymail

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