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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beautiful Japanese Christmas Confectioneries if You’re Tired of Regular Christmas Cake

by Kay

With Christmas now just a few short days away, I’m sure many of us are still frantically trying to get some last-minute Christmas shopping done. There’s also Christmas dinner to think about, right? And of course, the Christmas cake, which the children (and yes, adults too) are all looking forward to. But wait, who said you have to have cake for Christmas? Japanese wagashi creators, Japan’s version of patissiers, offer a choice of delectable looking Christmas treats that should be just as sweet as cake.

photo: Kaikokumonogatari online shopping site

These cute little treats, called “gifts from Santa“, are sold from Okurayama Aoyagi for 230yen ($2.70) each and are also available in boxed sets containing 4, 6 or 8 pieces.

Even in predominantly non-Christian Japan, where Christmas is more a romantic event than a religious celebration, Christmas cake is a big deal. But for people who aren’t really into cake or who just want something a bit different for a change, it seems Christmas-style wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionaries) are becoming an increasingly popular alternative.
Wagashi are almost an art form, delicately crafted in a wide array of shapes and colors often using a sweet bean paste. And these Chrismas wagashi are a delight not just to eat but to look at as well!
Wagashi maker Kasho Sanseido offers this adorable set of five Christmas-themed wagashi for 2,100yen ($25).

photo: Okurayama Aoyagi

Kouseido offers this beautiful creation that looks like a cake but is made of wagashi, available for 3,500yen ($42) in an 18cm size (about 7 in.) or 5,000yen ($60) in a 21 cm size (about 8 & 1/4 in.).

photo: Kouseido website

Kyoto Yoshihiro offers several types of Christmas wagashi, some shaped like cakes, others like petits fours.

▼Bûche de Noël and Christmas Tree wagashi set available for 2,000yen ($24)

▼Round Wagashi Christmas Cake: 3,800yen ($46) for a 12cm (about 4 & 3/4 in.) cake and 4,500 yen ($54) for a 15cm (about 6 in.) cake

▼Set of 6 Petits Fours type Christmas wagashi priced at 2,600yen ($31)

Round Wagashi Cake with Matcha (Green Tea) Paste priced at 3,000yen ($36)

photos: Kyoto Yoshihiro website

source: rocketnews24

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