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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who says tired babies are always grumpy? Adorable video shows little Leo trying not to fall asleep


A good fight: Visibly drooping in his car seat before popping back up with a bright smile, baby Leo is filmed doing his best to keep all eyes on his mom despite sleep constantly creeping over him

If this baby doesn't crack a smile, nothing will.
An adorable baby boy seen struggling to stay awake in his car seat is sweeping the web after more than one million views attributed to his super-human ability to crack a smile.
Smiling toward the camera despite his head falling heavier into his chest, baby Leo fights to keep his eyes on his mother with a twitching smile before realizing his near fall and popping back up, wide-eyed, like a daisy.

Still here! Leo several times near loses himself before catching himself with a fast smile to his mother who laughs at his soft peeps of recognition to her unwavering affection

With a brief shake of his head, he retains a bright smile and stretches open his eyes before sleep catches up once more.
Like a face scrunching to prepare for a sneeze, he droops losing to slumber before once more catching himself with a delighted smile.
He lets out a cheerful peep in either recognition of his near slip or for his mother beaming across from him with the camera.
But with another droop to his chest, he's near out again.

source: dailymail

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