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Friday, November 9, 2012

Think you're finding it difficult to get on the property ladder? Landlord turns six-storey building in China into 55 'capsule' one-room homes... and tenants have to SHARE them


Tight squeeze living: Wu Chao and Yan Changlai, who sell construction materials, are tenants in a building made up of 'capsule' homes with an average floor space of just 4.5 metres squared

For these young professionals fitting into the modern age in China means fitting into a capsule home with an average floor space of just 4.5 metres square.
The residents in a building in Wuhan city, Hubei Province in China have their bathroom, kitchen and beds all in that one room, often sharing their living space with at least one other person.
With high rents and low wages in the city, people are struggling to find places they can afford to live, driving them to live in the shoebox ‘capsule’ homes.
The landlord of this six-storey building divided the building up into 55 capsules.

Living on top of each other: Zhang Xuan, who works for a local courier service, washes her hair while Wu Meihau sits on her bed in their room

Close quarters: Wang Shuai and Han Haiyang, who work for a courier company, share a bed in Wuhan city, Hubei Province in China where high rents and low wages make it tough for residents to afford accommodation

Getting ready: Chen Mou, a saleswoman in a local mall, does her make-up before work in her capsule, one of 55 after the landlord divided the six-storey building into the capsules

Shoebox shower: Zhang Xin, a baby products salesman, takes a shower in his flat

Pets allowed: Despite living in a capsule home, Zhang Lei and his girlfriend have room to fit their pet terrapin turtles

Modern day living: Working for a local printing company, Gou Weiming stands under his bed in his flat

Tight TV watching: Shi Chengfu stands between the small gap of his bed and the wall while watching television

Little love nest: Han Jun and his girlfriend make the most of their time off work, watching TV on their bed in the room that also includes their bathroom and kitchen

Home is where the heart is: Wu Juan, employed as a home decorator, sits with her boyfriend in their shoebox flat

'Capsule' home: Salesman Li Chenghui eats a sandwich in his room, with the ladder to his bed not far from his toilet

source: dailymail

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