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Thursday, November 1, 2012

There's a lion in the lounge and he's just pounced on the guests: At home with the woman who rescues big cats and treats them as pets


Annel Snyman has a rather unusual house guest in eight-month-old white lion cub Timba

Most people would be terrified to find a lion snoozing in their bed.
But for guest house owner Annel Snyman, snuggling up to Timba the white lion cub in her home is part of her daily routine - just like walking the dog.
Annel shares her home near Bela Bela in the Waterberg region of South Africa with the eight-month-old friendly feline after adopting him in March this year.

The guesthouse owner is unfazed by having a big cat in her bed - he's not the first wild animal she's adopted

She says the cub is house-trained and likes to help himself to food from her kitchen and helping out with household chores.
Timba, who could reach 180 to 225kg when he is fully grown, happily joins Annel's dog Diesel on his walks.
But any potential partners might be frightened off - as Timba sneakily wedges himself between his carer and her guests.

The cub is free to roam around the house and clambers on the kitchen worktop as he joins Annel for a snack

The 30-year-old says: 'Relationships can be a challenge though, as there are often some jealousy issues about who is going to snuggle up with who on the couch.
'It normally ends up with me on one couch with Timba snuggled up on my lap and the other person on the other couch or outside looking rather concerned.

Annel also has a pet dog Diesel who doesn't mind sharing his owner with the adorable new arrival

Luckily for Annel, her pet dog Diesel gets along with Timba and they happily go for walks together

source: dailymail

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