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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Suave, stylish and taking over the world: One Direction smarten up to pose for individual Teen Vogue covers


Teen crush: Harry Styles and his One Direction band mates are the latest cover stars for Teen Vogue. Each member of the group has their own special cover shot

It's a coveted spot reserved for only the most popular of young male stars.
And now the One Direction boys have worked their magic in front of the camera lens to become the latest cover stars for Teen Vogue.
Each member of the band has their very own cover shot, meaning fans can collect all five versions of the December/ January issue of the magazine.

Brooding boys: Zayn Malik speaks out about the band's image and suggests they are bad boys by insisting 'we're not too clean cut'

Along with a suitably stylish picture there is also an interview with the boys where they talk about fame, their fans and how they cope with being the biggest boyband on the planet.
Harry Styles, who is currently romancing country singer Taylor Swift, tells readers: 'I’m quite old-fashioned.'
Meanwhile Zayn Malik, who is seen glaring into the camera with a smouldering look, speaks out about the band's image.

'We're normal': Niall Horan tells the magazine that they are just like everybody else, except they were given an amazing opportunity

Cheeky monkeys: Louis Tomlinson says the band are 'a little bit mischievous'

And suggesting that the quintet have a bad boy side to them he says: 'We're not too clean cut'.
Adding to that theme Louis Tomlinson says: 'We are often a little bit mischievous.'
After scooping a second number one with their new album Take Me Home, playing to packed out arenas and having hordes of screaming girls following them wherever they go the band are still keen to insist they are average guys having fun.
Niall Horan says: 'We’re normal teenagers.'

In it for the long haul: Liam Payne reveals he doesn't have a back-up plan

Liam Payne tries his best to come up with examples of things that haven't changed since they were put together on the X Factor in 2010.
After pondering for a while he comes up with the fact he still puts on underwear every day to illustrate that almost everything has changed for the group.
But there's no doubt that Liam, who has been linked to former X Factor winner Leona Lewis, isn't planning on giving up their celebrity lifestyle anytime soon and admits: 'I don't really have a backup plan.

Back in the States: Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne of One Direction arrived at New York's JFK Airport on Sunday to screaming fans

On Sunday the boys arrived at at New York's JFK Airport ahead of their sold out concert at Madison Square Garden they were naturally welcomed by a crowd of screaming fans.
Harry, Liam and Niall strolled through the busy airport terminal surrounded by beefy security guards - who kept the more daring fans from ripping the clothes off their backs.

source: dailymail

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