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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Smooth operator! Usually scruffy Keanu Reeves dons sharp suit and tie for film festival in Poland


Looking good: Keanu Reeves dressed to impress at the 20th Plus Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography in Bydgoszcz, Poland on Saturday

Keanu Reeves has proven he can scrub up well - at least when he needs to.
The Matrix star flew to Poland to present his documentary Side By Side at the 20th Plus Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography on Saturday.
What's most interesting is that Keanu stepped on stage looking like a glamorous movie star and not his usual scruffy self.

Clean cut: Keanu sported a trimmed beard and styled hair for the opening night ceremony; he's pictured with film festival host Grazyna Torbicka

It appears he must have listened to a stylist for the actor was surprisingly well groomed and looking sharp in a dark bluish grey suit and matching tie and a royal blue dress shirt.
Keanu, 48, still had his beard, but it was neat, clean and closely trimmed, while his dark hair was newly cut and styled.
The Speed star had a good reason for looking his best at the event, which took place in Bydgoszcz, a city in northern Poland.

What's so funny? Keanu was spotted smiling and laughing at something someone near him was saying

Keanu's documentary Side By Side, about how the digital process has challenged the more traditional photochemical film-making over the last two decades, was being shown on opening night at Poland's prestigious film festival celebrating cinematography.
Also at the event were director David Lynch, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Directing, and actor and past recipient Viggo Mortensen, who in 2008 received a Special Award for an Actor with Unique Visual Sensitivity.

Chat fest: Keanu enjoyed a friendly conversation with the Mulholland Drive director

When he wasn't wowing the crowd on stage, Keanu was in the audience chatting happily with Lynch and the two seemed to be having a great time.
Even on October 24 when Keanu appeared at the Cloud Atlas premiere in New York, wearing a mostly black ensemble paired with tan boots, he seemed to be making an effort.
In August, however, Keanu was oddly mismatched as he arrived at LAX wearing faded jeans and light moccasins with untied laces paired with a plain blue T-shirt and dark grey dress jacket.

Making an effort: Keanu looked scruffy in August as he arrived at LAX, but fortunately he traded his faded jeans for a cleaner mostly black ensemble at the Cloud Atlas premiere in New York on October 24

source: dailymail

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