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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'She'd rather Google herself than have sex': Leandro Penna shares all the gory details of his tumultuous relationship with Katie Price


Kiss and tell: Leandro Penna reveals all the sordid details of his 20-month relationship with Katie Price in an interview with Now magazine

Making the most out of his new found celebrity status, Leandro Penna has dished the dirt on his ex-fiance Katie Price saying 'she would rather spend all day Googling her name and looking at pictures of herself on websites' than have sex with him.
The model did not hold back when it came to revealing the private moments of their 20-month alliance, that Leandro is clearly using now to boost his fame.
Arrogantly, the 29-year old also claims he 'gave her the best orgasms in her life.'

Change of heart: After stating he would never get back with Katie Price he now says he would give her 'another chance'

Speaking to Now magazine, Leandro boasted, 'the first time ever we had sex, she told me it was the best sex she ever had.'
But clearly it wasn't good enough to entice her every night as he admitted she would rather read about herself on the internet than have her fiance rock her world.
'I’d say: "Come on, it’s better to f***!" But she’d just say: "Not now."' Leandro continued.

'The Naked Truth': the arrogant model exposes all the private moments with Katie in this week's Now magazine

Leandro spends much of the interview dragging his former lover's name through the mud, saying that she'd only end up with a footballer if there was 'one out there stupid enough.'
'Footballers just want to have sex with Katie, they don’t want a relationship.'

source: dailymail

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