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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama woos the middle classes: President enlists Springsteen in the last-minute battle for votes


Barack Obama pledged to be the champion of America’s embattled middle class in a desperate last-minute pitch for votes before the country goes to the polls today in one of the closest ever presidential elections.

His chances of a second term were boosted last night after a final Washington Post-ABC News poll gave him a three point lead, at 50 per cent of the national vote, ahead of his Republican challenger Mitt Romney on 47 per cent.
Earlier yesterday, however, polls by Gallup and Rasmussen both put Mr Romney on 49 per cent and Mr Obama on 48 per cent. The President used a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, to deliver some of the soaring rhetoric which propelled him to power in 2008, but which now rings hollow for many voters.

Barack Obama pictured with rock singer Bruce Springsteen at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday

He promised that he would use a second presidential term to fight for a more equitable America against opponents who sought only to help the rich elites.
‘I’m not ready to give up the fight for the middle classes,’ he said. ‘Sometimes you have to fight, stand on principle.’ Mr Obama was joined on stage by rock star Bruce Springsteen, one of nearly 200 celebrities who answered an 11th-hour Democrat call to arms.

President Barack Obama and rocker Bruce Springsteen wave to a crowd of 18,000 people during a rally on the last day of campaigning

With many Obama supporters feeling distinctly underwhelmed by his candidacy this time, the Democrats have relied on stars and public figures to help drum up excitement and get people out to vote.
They include pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Jay-Z, and actors Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L Jackson.

Bruce 'The Boss' Springsteen was one of nearly 200 celebrities to answer a Democrat call to arms

While many confined their aid to talking to radio shows some, such as actor Danny DeVito in Wisconsin, have been out canvassing, making phone calls and visiting local colleges.
With the 17-month, £1.9billion election campaign – the most expensive ever – boiling down to the outcome in a handful of swing states and one, Ohio, in particular, both candidates pulled out all the stops in the final hours.

U.S. President Barack Obama is greeted on stage by rapper Jay-Z at an election campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio

Between the candidates and their two aspiring vice-presidents, they criss-crossed the country, taking part in 14 events across eight states. The President also visited Ohio and Iowa. Mitt Romney was in Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire as well as Ohio.
Mr Romney rubbished Mr Obama’s economic record and his claim to have helped the middle class, which he said was ‘being squeezed’ with high unemployment as well as rising prices for everything from insurance to petrol.

The trio wave at supporters on the eve of the general election

‘Do you want four more years like the last four years?’ he asked a crowd in Lynchburg, Virginia.
Ramming home his determination to create jobs and slash government spending, he said: ‘My vision is to limit government rather than limit the dreams of our fellow Americans.’

Republican presidential candidate rubbished President Obama's economic record and claims to have helped the middle-classes

source: dailymail

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