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Friday, November 9, 2012

Not another one? Harry Styles shows off new body art after visiting David Beckham's tattoo artist earlier in the day


Got ink? Harry Styles shows off his latest body art as One Direction colleague Zayn Malik admires

He's only 18 years old, but Harry Styles seems determined to get as much body art as he possible can despite his young age.
After showing off two new arm tattoos on Wednesday, the One Direction heartthrob was then spotted entering the tattoo artist responsible for David Beckham's colourful arms.
And now Harry seems keen to show off the results, as he pulled down his T-shirt to show his band member Zayn Malik his latest skin decoration.

Latest assets: Harry shows Zayn the new tattoos on his chest, which appears to be of two birds

Pulling down the neck of his shirt in Los Angeles on Thursday, Harry revealed two new tattoos on his chest, which appears to be of two birds.
Harry wore a white T-shirt and black jeans to accompany his new rock star image, as he showed his band members his latest ink while entering a TV studio in Hollywood.
On Wednesday, the 18-year-old singer showed off two new pieces of art on his arms, stating 'Things I Can' on his right forearm, with the quote 'Things I Can't' on the left.

Inked: Harry proudly shows off his new body art of two birds, which his record PR posted on her Twitter page

'And then I want one here ...': The two heartthrobs seem engages in a conversation about Harry's body art

He was then spotted entering famous LA tattoo parlour Shamrock Tattoos, a celebrity hangout where David Beckham has also gotten inked.
Harry was spotted looking over the designs available, while hordes of screaming girls gathered outside the shop.
The star is said to have originally had the words inked onto his arm last month but refused to unveil them on Irish TV programme The Late Show soon after getting them done.

source: dailymail

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