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Friday, November 9, 2012

Money to burn! Rihanna fills her cigarette with pure Diamonds and smokes them in sultry new music video

Sultry: Rihanna gives her best smouldering stare in her new music video Diamonds, which was just released on Thursday

Rihanna writhes in beautiful agony and wears close to nothing.
The R&B singer belts her heart out while in various states of undress in her new music video to the No. 1 single Diamonds.
The video, which premiered on Thursday, is shot in ethereal black and white as well as colour.

Diamond smoke: In the video, Rihanna rolls a wrapper filled with the glittering jewels and lights it

It opens with a shot of Rihanna running her hand over a pile of glittering diamonds and then pouring a handful of them into a wrapper which she then rolls into a cigarette.
Rihanna, who is wearing a sheer black tube top that exposes her bare shoulders, lights up her diamond-filled cigarette and smokes it, inhaling the smoke.
The 24-year-old singer is then seen running down a dark highway lit only by a shining halo of light that's supposed to be created by the diamonds.

Ethereal: Rihanna blows out the diamond smoke after puffing on the handmade cigarette

So sexy: Rihanna writhes around in a sheer black tube top in one scene of the video

Cut to a horse running galloping across a desert and then Rihanna, who stands in the middle of this windy oasis in a shimmery powder-blue gown while hugging a soft cardigan to her body.
Rihanna, at one point, is sitting on a bed in a room hanging with long drapery, hugging her knees to her chest and starring off into the distance.
She's seen in silhouette and only her profile can be detected, along with that hair with the single strand shooting out.

Bundling up: Rihanna continues to promote her upcoming album and was spotted in New York City on Thursday wearing a very bulky jacket

source: dailymail

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